Happy Women's Day!

March 8, 2018 09:03 AM Tsheten Lama

While turning the 365-days-long calendar, there occurs many events with red marks for special celebrations. Among those few red marks, March 8 is one of the especial occasions celebrated as International Women’s Day. It aims to empower as well as inspire thousands of people around the world to understand and support women’s rights. 

Although I feel proud and celebrate this day, but somewhere I feel that celebrating womanhood for one day is fairly insufficient if we really wanted to honor women’s strength and struggle. Because women should be celebrated every day for their invaluable role in the society. And while juggling between various roles as professionals, contributors, family and leaders, women somehow forget to live simply for themselves, simply on their own terms. 

A woman’s sacrifices come from the source of her love and her fierceness is the emblem of her boldness. In spite of facing thousands of criticisms and domination she still gathers courage to stand still and fight at her best. She knows when to bend on her knees and when to stand on her feet with her unending strength and patience. She can be as cold as ice and as soothing as a melting snow or as fierce as a burning candle. Therefore, she is the combination of affection and intimidation. 

Kudos to each such soul who embody the strength to depart from their birth parents and creates a new home with their love and affection. This is what a woman is. The struggle of mother earth can be assimilated to every individual mother on the Earth who faces challenge and hardships to provide a happy as well as safe life for their children. She endures immense pain birthing her child and compensates all the pain with her children’s glowing smiles. She is more than happy to lose the curves of her body with sagging breasts considering them as her right, duty and as a mark of her living. 

Ladies, you are the source of love and affection that every human needs in order to lead a positive and happy life. Yes, being emotional is what you might be mocked about many a times but being emotional implies to becoming soft-hearted which rather is strength of a mother who knows to love all her children equally. All women need to acknowledge this strength deeply seated within them so that they may come out of all the barriers and fight on their own for their rights. Time has witnessed the power of women and thus it is important to understand that women still embody the deities within them that are still worshipped in today’s society. 
Happy Women’s Day!


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