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March 1, 2018 00:53 AM Republica

The blood game must end 

It has been seven years since the conflict in Syria started. More than six million people have been internally displaced and more than 13 million people are in need of aid. Almost half a million people have died in the ongoing war. Children and women have been hit hard. Recent decision by Russia to have daily five-hour humanitarian pause in Eastern Ghouta where more than 400,000 people are living is a welcome step. Those people trapped in the area will get a chance to leave the place. Painful pictures of wounded Syrian children are making rounds in social media. This war has to end. The civilians must be spared in this deadly conflict. The United Nations and the Pope have been trying to help facilitate cease fire. Russia and the United States must do more to deescalate and eventually end the war in Syria. The human toll and the untold suffering of people make the war pointless. Those receiving arms and other support from Russia and the United States are hell bent on escalating the war. At the end, it’s the people who bear the brunt of wars like these. 

Hospitals and safe areas have also been bombed. Doctors and nurses have been killed. Humanitarian workers have not been able to reach to the areas where the needs are greatest. The Assad Regime has consolidated power in the last few years and the war has now become a proxy between the United States and Russia. We urge the conflicting parties to pause and assess the war. Who is winning this war? It’s the military-industrial complex and the big powers that are using Syria as a theater. Ordinary people who had dreams and hopes are being killed in this game. Children who were on their way to school are becoming the victims. 

We must raise our voice against this pointless war. No one is winning the war. Children must be allowed to enjoy their childhood and be allowed to live in peace and out of fear. Small countries like ours must send a message to the international community and put forth strong condemnation of the slaughtering of innocent civilians in Syria. War is rarely justifiable, and especially like the one in Syria can never be justified. We hope that common sense will prevail over war mongers in Washington and Moscow. We can no longer see children with blood all over them. The Syrian people have gone through enough of pain and suffering. Let all sides end this nonsense war.

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