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There are thousands of bloggers out there, blogging about different things, and for different reasons in various forms. But among the crowd are some who started blogging for personal satisfaction; to express and share their thoughts, and are continuing to do so using photographs. These bloggers invest their time, money and effort without the expectation of immediate returns. Three such Nepali bloggers talked about their blogs, their journeys and what significance their blogs have in their lives with My City’s Nasana Bajracharya.


Ajay Narsingh Rana | Prakriti Nepal 

I started blogging in 2015 with photos and information about different insects. It was not well-received, so I shifted to posting photos of flora and fauna of Nepal. I wanted to educate people about wildlife and ecological system of our country. Wherever I’m working, I research beforehand and go prepared, take photos and upload weekly.

I stress on photos because they are the visual mediums for stories. Once I get loyal followers, they want to know more about the subjects in the photos. If there were only write-ups in my blog, it would have been boring for the visitors and the traffic in my website would have been comparatively low. 

Blogging has taught me patience. I have waited hours to get a shot and, even with a plan, failed many times. When the subject is near, you have to be extra careful, be as quiet as possible to not disturb them, and always on your toes. There is always a high rate of failure in macro-photography, as my subjects do not share the language or pose; it’s harder to get that perfect click. 
Life without my blog would be unimaginable. Blogging is my way to educate people about Nepal. It’s my passion and a portfolio of my work, documentation of what I have seen. I do not think I’d be able to stop because of the sole satisfaction that I get from observing the nature and that perfect shot that I get. 

I plan to develop a proper catalogue. I’m categorizing all photos based on locations. So, visitors soon will be able to look through the photos and learn about area-specific birds and insects so when they travel they will know what to look forward to or know where to travel to catch glimpse of that. 

Shakya Diaries

I started blogging in August 2016 following my passion for food. I used to post food photos in my personal account, but shifted to food blogging with motivation from my friends and family. I post about the dishes, but I don’t rate them. I narrow my subjects down to the specialties, ambience, service and taste. If I like their taste, I refer. I also post and share my recipes, mostly Japanese cuisines.

I stress on photos because I like the presentation and it is difficult to explain foods with just words. I take time for presentation and hope to get the perfect shot. But my photography is mostly in rush and I only use my phone for photos.

Blogging has taught me to post the importance of depending on weather/mood so people can relate, but my cravings and people around me also have an impact. I also realized that it is necessary to post on a regular basis. And through my journey, I’ve also learned to admire confidence and effort of other bloggers.

Life without my blog would be not possible. It’s become my habit, my escape and a huge part of my life. Blogging, for me, has never been about work. I handle two businesses so I am mostly out in different restaurants eating and it comes naturally. Even when my family gets together to eat, they wait for me to take pictures of the foods so I do not think I will ever quit.

I plan to continue what I am doing and make my posts more vibrant, regular as well as systematic. I am also looking for opportunities outside Kathmandu and to explore other restaurants as well as their specialties. I do have a vision to open a restaurant of my own, but I don’t know when that’ll happen.

Gopal Pun Magar | Poon Diaries

I started blogging in 2015 after finishing my undergraduate studies in India. I started blogging with articles and stories of my time there. It was a personal blog and there were not much visitors. I made a proper website, invested in the design, its logo and started posting there only later. I started travel blogging in 2017 after my visit to Chitlang.

I stress on photos because without them my blog would be colorless. Photos attract people’s attention; they visually represent reality and convey my thoughts better. I mostly capture the landscape, the views, highlight people’s faces and their stories. One might say photos would be as good as your equipment, but being able to make the most out of your resources matters more. 
Blogging has taught me professionalism in writing, making my contents planned, concise and impactful. It has also taught me to properly use social networking tools. Also time management; my busy life does take a chunk of my time but I try not to affect my blog. I recently learned how SEO affects the traffic, so I’m working on that.

Life without my blog would be like abandoning my child. It’s my escape, a way of profiling my life. I get an ecstatic feeling working for it. If I hadn’t started at all, I would be working as a network engineer. But I cannot imagine my life without it now.  

I plan to travel more often and post regularly. I still don’t have a specific routine so I plan to have one.


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