The Tremors in Bajura

January 14, 2018 07:38 AM Pratik Mainali

Millions of threads of light beamed through the corners of the hills making a blanket of soft brightness above it. Slowly the blanket was slipping down as the sun sank further down the hills. 

The glowing ball of fire, in its tint of gold, was sinking down the hills, its overpowering rays gently touching the white clouds curling up the sky and turning them into shades of pink and red. The hills towering above us was stripped bare of any trees and was steep and dangerous as giant boulders occasionally rolled down violently, until they finally plunged into the river. The fury of the winds was terrifying and had us at its mercy.

Suddenly, the hills were shaken by the colossal tumult. The earth beneath trembled and shook, we stood erect and beads of sweat appeared on our foreheads as we looked at each other paralyzed with awe. The wind howled past the vast stretch of hollow land and something mysterious fell down cutting through the wind and we felt a shudder go through us.

Somewhere below you could hear the sound of river running, in violent agitation, roaring as it stroked the rocks in an attempt to sweep them. Stretching its neck into every hole in the land, in an attempt to flee from the horrendous calamity that has entrapped us.

I looked down from the cliff, hoping to get the sight of the river, and my heart leaped and I fell back, startled.

There came a tingling sensation in our hearts as the wind rustled past the shrubs that were at a distance. The ground was still moving to and fro. Or perhaps it was all in my head. The sky was undergoing rapid changes, the clouds were now dark red and were now resembling a face. A face that was agitated and ready to strike down anyone in its way or in its wake.

We all waited with our bosoms pounding fiercely in anticipation. Slowly there was silence, then stirring on the sky, and then there was utter madness. The hills, I felt, were bending slowly inching towards us as if gazing curiously upon the tiny creatures on the ground. Wind howled towards my direction and for a while I felt as if the hills were breathing.

In delirium, I felt my head swoon, and the air was being squeezed out my lungs. We ran as fast as our legs could carry us. My guts were floating and my I felt a wave of nausea go through me. My head was already swimming, but I also felt my legs grow lighter. Strange, it felt like this place had no gravity.

The ground was heaving and cracking in such fury I felt that an evil monster was trying to break free from the bowel of the earth. Fear crept through me and filled the very fiber of my being. And I was filled with exhilaration. I ran without looking back dismissing the wind which was cutting through me like a knife. The hills swung from one side to another.

A giant hissed past me and shattered into the ground breaking into a million piece. Everything was now plunging into darkness. The sky was filled with dark red clouds, and I felt the hills were rising. 

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