Old spaces, new meanings

January 12, 2018 12:20 PM Aman Maharjan

After the devastating earthquakes of 2015, most spaces in the old cities of the valley have been given new meanings. People have now adjusted around these places, which seem to be stuck in the process of a never ending work-in-progress. 

Even after almost three years, the devastation left behind by the earthquake can still be seen in the form of abandoned, dilapidated houses. Only a few structures at Patan Durbar Square have been left untouched by the earthquake and even these places look different as reconstruction works surround it.

As most of the damaged temples in and around the Durbar Squares have been barricaded for reconstruction, locals cramp in the remaining spaces during evenings. Paatis have always been a crucial part of social interaction for elderlies in the old cities of the valley and we can still see people gathering at the few neighborhood paatis that are left standing post the earthquakes.

With the on-going reconstruction efforts, the skylines of the Durbar Squares of the valley are now lined with scaffoldings. The empty spaces in and around the cities have become a place of discovery to people, especially children, with inquisitive minds. For me, I marvel at the wonder of human spirit every time I see life going on around the ruins. 

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