Careful in life

July 17, 2017 13:37 PM Republica

Dream helps to thrive in life. Those who don’t have any dream in their life are not living in true sense. 56-year-old Dhankesh Lawati, originally from Panchthar, who sells soda water at Sundhara once had a dream. He had a dream to fly to Saudi Arabia and earn enough money for his family. He came to Kathmandu with this dream in 2053 BS for the first time. He left his job at a post office in Ilam, where he had been working for a decade, to move to Kathmandu. However, life had other plans for Dhankesh and his dreams were shattered when the person he trusted ran away with his money. Only in year 2060 BS, Dhankesh started to do what he is doing now. He says, “Life has taught me a lot. The biggest lesson I learnt is to never trust anyone blindly and be careful in every step of my life. People will always push you down, and will never be there in time of need.”  
Saurav Ranabhat/Republica

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