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March 17, 2017 08:33 AM Isha Upadhyay

Everyone has flutes, glasses, and goblets at home but not everyone has flutes, glasses, and goblets that can start a conversation and bring a party to life. Not only are these pieces good investment because they will last you a long time and make any dinner event classy and elegant by adding a lot of oomph factor to it, they won’t cost you a fortune to begin with. Invest in these pieces today and add some charm to your simple dinner set as well as create heirlooms over the years. 

Champagne set
This champagne set can be broken down into pieces and stored inside the bottle meant to store the bottle. This makes for easy transport and doesn’t take up much space when it is not in use. The details on the flutes as well as the bottle holder with its bronze shine can help set the mood for an evening of fun. It also makes a great gift for people who host a lot of dinner parties. These aren’t very heavy either and the next time you are out buying gifts to take for your relatives abroad, you might want to take these into consideration. It not only is beautiful but has a very traditional charm to it. It will cost you between Rs 8,500 to Rs 9,500 depending on the design and size you choose.

Water set
You don’t always need to have guests over in order to enjoy the finer things in life. Whip out this set time and again to serve water or juice for the family. This simple, traditional set will help you feel fancy even on days when you feel sloppy, lazy and don’t want to brush your hair or even change out of your pajamas. They are available in different shapes and have different designs as well. You can get this set from Rs 6,500 to Rs 7,500.

Having a bronze vase can help make your life easier. You won’t have to constantly worry about it breaking like you would for a glass vase, especially if you have toddlers in your house. These come in different sizes, from the tiny ones to ones that are over three feet tall. The designs are painted with acrylic paint and won’t fade over time. These too are available in different shapes and sizes. The price starts at Rs 850 and increases along with the size.

Beer mug
Drinking beer from normal beer glass is a thing of the past. With these mugs, you never stand the chance of breaking your glass after your fourth or fifth refill. The only threat this mug has is being severely dented from a hard fall but that’s quite rare, wouldn’t you say? Make this your go to glass for when you are planning to enjoy some beer at the comforts of your home. This glass can also be stored in your living room shelf when not being used for it’s just that nice. This mug is priced at Rs 950.

Copper glass
Ayurveda states that when you store water in copper vessels it has the ability to balance all three of your doshas, which are the vata, kapha and pitta, in your body. It is thought to happen because the copper positively charges the water. Scientists have found that when water is stored in cooper vessels for over eight hours, a small portion of copper is dissolved in the water. This process is called “Oligodynamic effect” and has been found to destroy a range of molds and harmful microbes as it has a toxic effect on these organisms. Water stored in these containers may taste a little odd at times but the water will never become stale and is safe for consumption long after it has been stored. These glasses are priced from Rs 650 to Rs 850 and can be purchased as a set with a copper mug. 

Antee and Aila goblet
Although it can be used in the traditional sense to pour local ale during festivals and parties, you can also use it in a daily basis to pour yourself a goblet of hot tea or even lassi or smoothies. The Week believes in living life to the fullest every single day, so don’t invest in fancy crockery only to use it once a year. Get the most out of your money and use it as much as you can. Drink coffee in these small goblets, it can also help you consume lesser amount of caffeine during the summer season. The Anti costs Rs 1750 and the aila goblet costs Rs 450 and these make a great addition to your utensils collection.  

Wine set
Although it is a wine set, you don’t necessarily have to use it only for wine. You can use this everyday to drink water or even milk and feel classy and royal even while doing the simplest of things. Wash a wine bottle thoroughly and use it as a water bottle. This set can be broken down into two pieces so you wouldn’t even need to look at the bottle. It could just be an elixir of life you are pouring on to your goblet. This set can be purchased from Rs 6500 to Rs 7500.

The upside  
Copper and bronze utensils have been around for generations in our country with most of our holy scriptures highlighting the benefits of cooking and eating off them. We have all grown up watching our grandfathers and fathers eating in brass plates during meal times. It is believed that brass attracts and transmits ‘chaitanya’ which means divine consciousness. Utensils made from aluminum or stainless steel don’t transmit these positive energies and are thus considered bad for your soul. 

Pradeep Baniya, owner of Shree Ganesh Bhada Pasal at Indrachowk, Kathmandu, says that these utensils were also popular because of the soothing sound they make when they are being used. While cooking or cleaning, they make a more pleasing sound than stainless steel does.  

Bronze is a mixture of copper and tin with a 80 to 20 ratio. You have to be careful and buy these utensils from a genuine place for impure brass may not be the healthiest thing for your body. Kansa (bronze) is said to help increase your intellect according to the Ayurvedic books.

From the ancient times people have stored water in copper jugs in order to imbibe the water with its properties. However you should be cautious, copper isn’t something you need in your body so drinking a jug of water stored in a copper jar every single day, or drinking up to four glasses of water a day is enough for the body.  

Handling the utensils
Neither bronze nor copper utensils should be washed with soap with a scrub. It scratches the surface of the metal and this, according to ancient belief, is harmful for health. Instead, make a paste of baking soda and lemon juice and mix it thoroughly. Using a soft cloth to apply the paste on to the utensil, let it stay for a minute, rinse off and let it dry. You can also use both vinegar and the husk of a squeezed lemon to clean bronze and copper things you may have in the house. You can commercially find pitambar powder to wash these dishes as well. This will ensure that your vessels shine and gleam. 

Photos: Pratik rayamajhi
Location: shree ganesh bhada pasal, Indrachowk

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